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Beauty Bundle ~ Fabulous Hair Skin & Nails, Happy Cells & Love Your Liver ~

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Beauty Basics in one perfect Beauty Bundle ~

When people ask me what basics I might suggest to them for beauty, I always think of these three as my go-to loved beauty supplements.

Fabulous Hair Skin & Nails ~ Get Gorgeous! 

This product is for those of you who would like to improve the quality of their hair, skin and nails. These high-quality ingredients and therapeutic formulation have shown excellent results. I lost 65 % of my hair and it began to grow back within 2 months of taking this product. I became a Human Chia Pet and today, my hair is absolutely luscious, long and strong. My nails became beautifully long, strong and gorgeous nails, more ridges and yes, they are completely natural!

The supporting white papers are superb and we have many great stories about the excellent results from Fabulous Hair Skin & Nails.  

Here is my before photo of my hair one week after my dramatic hair loss, as I was in Germany and they asked that I shoot a video !! Gosh, so embarrassed !!

And here is my after photo of my hair a few years later, unretouched photo, it is thicker and longer ( Gosh, I cut off 14 inches this year already ! ) 

This is how I ship out my products, as I think everything should be like a gift.

The clinical trials were on female & male ages 18-70 years old and the trial was for 2 months. The results were 85% - 90 % success rate. I am receiving lots of great results & testimonials from happy clients. Everyone has a different physiology and perhaps different things going on in their lives when hair loss happens.

Sometimes poor diet causes hair loss.

Sometimes stress causes hair loss. Then a combination of Energetic Body & Mind Adrenal Support and Fabulous Hair Skin & Nails could be the remedy.

It could be it will take longer for a more concrete result, it could be that you may need support in other areas as well as the body is meant to work as a cohesive system. Many of my clients have reached out and asked for some guidance, and we have been able to suggest a synergistic protocol once we know more about your specific conditions.

In one case, we suggested a protocol to a gal who had pneumonia a few months prior and who was in menopause. We recommended Love Your Liver & Hot Mama, Happy Cells & Energetic Body  & Mind. These work together synergistically to create the best conditions for her. She needed Love Your Liver to support her liver as a  healthy liver helps regulate the hormones. The Happy Cells rebuilds health at a cellular level, calms inflammation ( the enemy of your hair regrowth ! ) and has powerful anti-oxidants.

For another male client, we recommended the Fabulous Hair Skin & Nails plus our Probiotic Billionaire to help his system as he had a surgery that caused his hair loss. His results were wonderful and before 6 weeks went by I started receiving calls from his friends asking if they could buy some!

Please feel free to reach out if you have questions and need extra advice on how to chose the products right for your particular situation. I'm here to help and I have the support of my incredible team which includes our Naturopathic Dr and the laboratory brains.

Please be mindful to consume the proper amount of protein for your body ~ weight height, age, activity level ( there are handy protein calculators online ) This is important as many people who are watching their weight or switching to vegan / vegetarian diets can be protein deficient and that can cause hair loss. Our active ingredient will go to keeping that body alive and not to regrowing the hair, so for optimal health, you should check your protein consumption for health and beautiful hair, skin & nails.

Excellent for anyone suffering thinning hair and hair loss from surgery, illness, cancer treatments, inflammation, allergic reactions, stress, pregnancy, hormonal imbalances, thyroid issues, aging and environmental contamination.

Excellent for dormant hair follicles, which can happen when the body is under stress and all the energy goes to the vital organs and survival ( hair is the first to go as it is not necessary for survival ) It will not help if the hair follicle is dead. The test for hair follicles is an in skin test normally performed by a Hair Dr in their offices.

Directions for use:

Take 2 capsules 2 times a day for the first month, up to 6 per day.

Take with meals containing protein ( better for assimilation ) 

For maintenance, please take 2 per day with your meals with a bit of protein.

Recommended use: A factor in the maintenance of good health. To strengthen hair, support healthy skin and strong nails. Helps the body to metabolize carbohydrates, fats, and proteins which helps in tissue formation.

Please take a few hours before or after taking other medications. Consult a healthcare practitioner prior to use if you have cystinuria or if you are taking nitroglycerin or antibiotics. 

Happy Cells, Long Life, Forever Young

Wow !!

I don't even know where to begin in describing this Youth Elixir supplement ~

It is truly the closest we could get to a Youth Elixir, as it starts by protecting the cell membranes, is an impressive anti-oxidant, is great for fatigue and burn out, has excellent anti-aging effects, prevents cardiovascular diseases, protects against chemotherapy sides effects, is great for those who are worried about osteoporosis, improves concentration as well as physical, intellectual and sexual performance.

Whether or not you are looking to regain your vibrant health after surgery, health issues or just wanting to protect your youthful good looks, Happy Cells is a fabulous formulation.

It that enough? Gosh, I hope so!! Truly, this is an extraordinary formulation and no doubt it is a bit precious in price, but we think you'll find it worth it.

I do have great genes, but not so great that my parents passed on early, my mom at 65 and my dad at 69.

Many people tease me about being Dorian Gray's sister, as I am often thought to be about 15- 20 years younger ( shhhhh, I am in my very late 50's !! )

What do I know? I know that taking good care of myself ( without being a crazy person, or a purist ) because I still like good foods ( yeah, that includes chips ! ) as well as cocktail hour etc...  I also find that consistency can play a role, so I encourage you to try to be consistent. Everyone is different and will have slightly different results. Oh! and please know that being collaborative with your Dr. is truly a great way to manage your health...knowledge is power!

Dosage: 2-6 per day

Source of Anti-oxidants 

Warning: Please consult a Health Care practitioner prior to use if you are taking prescription drugs or have liver problems. 

As always, we suggest you please consult your health professional.

Contraindications: do not take if breastfeeding or pregnant, or if you have seafood or fish allergies.

 Please remember that you can add the contents of our veggie caps to a yogurt or your favourite smoothie if you prefer. 

Oh! Please keep these in the fridge if you live in a hot weather climate ( they are fine ) but as we have a high Marine DNA ingredient in it, the heat can simply make it smell fishy... so to keep that scent to a minimum, we suggest to pop it into the fridge. I discovered that when one of my clients was living in Costa Rica, and once she popped them in the fridge, is was perfect.

Love Your Liver, Your Liver Loves You

This is a wonderful supplement in that is supports the liver as a liver regenerator ~ It actually tones and protects it.

Our food sources can have heavy metals that are filtered by the liver. Love Your Liver has detox capabilities will help you keep your liver healthy. And a healthy liver is also an important vital organ responsible for helping keep your hormones in balance. This is a fact that many people are not aware of and when there are hormone imbalances caused by an unhealthy liver all sorts of health problems can occur. 

On my part, I do love my glass of red wine ( that's my healthy choice, lol ) however, I am also aware that if I should like to indulge I ought to support that part of me that processes the alcohol. It specifically addresses alcoholic cirrhosis, regenerating the liver, protecting it and ensuring it is functioning at its optimal best. 

As many of our products work synergistically, for those of our ladies who are perhaps facing menopause and are looking for something to tackle Hot Flashes, we have our Hot Mama product. I am mentioning this here, as the Love Your Liver would be an excellent partner supplement to take together with the Hot Mama as it supports hormonal function. It does this by synthesizing with amino acids in the liver. 

What I love about our formulation it is a strong protector of the liver, it regenerates and strengths 

the liver organ. It is superb for cirrhosis and hepatitis. 

If is not suitable for pregnant women or those with hepatic cancer.

This formulation and active ingredients are an important anti-stress remedy, improves lucidity, and memory. It helps with insomnia, irritability, and neuroses. The ingredients boost the immune system, have an anti-inflammatory effect and are a great tonic for the spleen and stomach.  These ingredients also support the Kidneys in lowering blood pressure and cholesterol. The Reishi mushroom ingredient stops tumors by stopping the reproductive cycle of sick cells. The ingredients also have an antiviral effect, improves athletic performance.

Milk thistle protects the liver from chemical poisoning and improves abdominal blood circulation, helps to reduce gallstones and digestive disorders.

For those of you who may have taken antibiotics or medications, then your liver also needs to be kept shipshape, and that is what this supplement is designed for. Our livers work hard for us every day and I believe that a happy, healthy liver is going to serve you well. As my Dad always said, Cyd, if you maintain your things, then it will be a lot less expensive in the long run and keep things from breaking down.Well, I think my Dad was right and so here is our Love Your Liver supplement, ready to take care of you. 

Looking for the ingredients ?? 
I have the ALL the labels in the photo thumbnails as we are a FULL disclosure company. I want you to be able to " click on the label to select it, then click one more time to enlarge it " to read over ALL the ingredients, make sure that there are NO contraindications AND print them off in case you are doing some research or just want to take them to your Dr or ND to discuss. I wanted you to be safe, secure and fully informed so you can make the best most informed decision about your health. 

As always, we suggest you please consult your health professional.

You are precious to me, please take the time to be sure that these are right for you and if you need to discuss it with me please do not hesitate to book a call or email me your questions. What I don't know, I will go back to our ND and check in to be sure to get his recommendation. 

Here is to enjoying life, and being at our optimal best,

Cheers !! 





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