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Cydney Mar Wellness

Alchemy Vortex Birch Wood Print Artwork 8 " x 8 "

$36.00 CAD

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These beautiful Alchemy Vortex Birch Wood Art Prints designed by Karolyn McKinley the master of all things alchemical are now available. They are 1" thick and can be used as artwork on the wall, as a backdrop standing on it's edge or as  a gorgeous altar or grid for your blessings. 

The nature of the Birch wood which is native to Quebec has a beautiful grain that enhances the Alchemy Vortex Print.  Karolyn's Alchemy Vortex design is an 8" x 8" wooden frame as we think it is the perfect size for all occasions.  

These images come to you energetically encoded by Karolyn to enhance your heart's desires. Beautiful, multi-functional and gorgeous in every setting and decor, we know that you will be delighted and enjoy it in your home.

Superb for gift giving for the Holidays and appropriate for birthdays, celebrations ~ really any time of year, we are thrilled to be able to now offer you this incredible, powerful Alchemy Vortex design on Quebec Birch Wood. 

If you would like the encoding to have a personalized intention, please add a note to your order for Karolyn on the order page.