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Cydney Mar Wellness

Alchemy Vortex Coasters ~ Set of 4 ~

$18.00 CAD

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We are  so pleased to now make available to you the Alchemy Vortex Coasters by Karolyn McKinley ~


SO many people were asking us to be able to buy them as ALL of Karolyn's designs have been so universally loved.

Those of us who were lucky to be part of her recent Alchemy Abundance group have experienced first hand the magic & miracles in working with the energy of her Alchemy Vortex while setting daily intentions about what we wanted to create in our lives.

So what’s a vortex?  

A vortex is “energy in motion” and the energetic building blocks of everything in our physical reality. This particular vortex was energetically-programmed to help you magnetize and draw to you more abundance in all areas of your life!

How does it work?

The process is simple:  Just place your favorite beverage on the energetically-activated coaster, state what you’d like to manifest, and let the vortex do its magic!  With every sip of your drink, you are anchoring the energy of your desire into every cell of your body, changing your energy to match whatever you’re calling in.  “Like attracts like” as they say, and it couldn’t be any easier with this fabulous manifesting tool!

Want something unique to give for the Holidays? Then give them something that is truly, “the gift that keeps on giving!”

More delicious than a box of chocolates, more personal than a store bought gift, your soul sisters and brothers, family, friends and community will love them for their beauty and will be amazed at how powerfully they assist in making their dreams come true!

Such a special gift to give to those in your circle who mean so much to your life.

Whether for your morning glass of lemon water, afternoon cuppa tea or coffee, or cocktail hour at the end of the day, let the Abundance Alchemy vortex help you and yours, manifest your dreams with every sip you take! 

One size fits all, these come in a set of 4 and as we said, are designed by the talented Karolyn McKinley, and proudly printed in the USA by the hands of Poppa McKinley.

Many blessings, much love and so much more,

Cydney & Karolyn