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Cydney Mar Wellness

Silk Charmeuse Lotus Scarf 36" x 36 "

$80.00 CAD

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Silk Charmeuse is one of my FAVOURITE fabrics, I could not resist making our very own Silk Charmeuse Lotus Scarf. It is White Silk Charmeuse printed with my Lotus Flower. 

My Chinese Grandmum named all of the grandchildren, and there is a particular generational protocol. All the boy children had the same generational name and all the girl children had the same feminine generational name. What makes our names specifically ours is the descriptive portion of our name. We say our family names first, in our case it was Ma or Mah, my father anglicized it to Mar before I was born. Ma means Horse, in Chinese. The next name is the descriptive one, and then our generational name. My Chinese name written phonetically is Ma Chuk Lyn. Lyn means Lotus, and all the girls are different types fo Lotus Flowers in my family. Lotus Flowers are known to be the flower that grows through the silt and mud to rise to the top of the water, to bloom, unsullied. My descriptive name means " Noisy, like a locomotive " lol, so my grandmother had  a sense of humour and prescience in naming me, as my raison d'etre has been all about beauty, but in a very energetic, noisy way. I do believe I have fulfilled my Grandmother's naming intention ! 

The Lotus means so much to me and in my journey from Figure skating, where I was technically brilliant and yet, very much about the expressive performance, I exuded the Lotus energy. In Fashion, I brought easy elegance to ladies all around the world, helping them celebrate their innate feminine beauty. In Wellness, I have risen from the throes of death, to return to the surface of the waters, refreshed and unsullied. This is why I was inspired to use the Lotus as my Cydney Mar Wellness symbol. It is my intention to help you welcome into your life a beautiful profound reminder that we can rise with grace and beauty. 

May you enjoy the beauty of our Silk Charmeuse Lotus Scarf ~

Many blessings