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Probiotic Billionaire, Full Spectrum Flora

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Probiotic Billionaire, Full Spectrum Flora

Tummy troubles? Had a course of antibiotics?

Then perhaps some excellent probiotics are in order.

Probiotic Billionaire gets its name from the fact we have over 8 strains of active bacterial species for full intestinal coverage from our formulation supplying 12 billion active healthy bacterias.

The water-based enteric coating on the capsules means that these precious bacterias are delivered to the intestines where they are needed and not into the stomach where they can be destroyed or cause an upset tummy.

I have had more than one guest at my home arrive saying " gosh, I am taking some probiotics, as I want to make sure I am getting all the nutrients out of my food, but I seem to be experiencing diarrhea and an upset stomach." I checked in with our Naturopath and discussed the products that my friend was taking ( it had 30 billion active bacterias) but it wasn't enteric coated. It seems that this was causing the tummy ache and diarrhea. I offered her to try ours and I am delighted to report that it worked! No more tummy troubles, and no more diarrhea.

Enteric coating is a bit expensive ~ We decided to ensure that ours was enteric coated as there was no sense in putting in all the good-for-you active bacterias into an environment where most of the probiotic would not survive.

We wanted to make sure it got into the intestines where it could do its excellent work. Ours is almost 100% dairy free, however, there is a touch of lactose if you have any lactose sensitivities. It is hypoallergenic.

You will get top performing multi-strain probiotics where you need them most. 

Why take probiotics?

If you are already healthy they can help maximize the nutrients that your body receives from your foods. As a former athlete, I always wanted to ensure that I maximized the goodness, as we were on strict diets to maintain our optimal weights and yet needed every bit of goodness translated into great energy for my skating, my life, and my schooling.

If you have taken some antibiotics or medications that can damage one's natural flora, then a course of probiotics is also highly recommended by most Doctors.

Rebuilding the intestinal flora and strengthening the immune system following intestinal and vaginal infections which may have been addressed with an antibiotic treatment can be achieved by taking a good probiotic.

There are four essential mechanisms of probiotics.

Let's talk about them:

Firstly, they eradicate or reduce the growth of infectious microbes. The principal ingredients of Lactic Acids prevent the proliferation of these harmful microorganisms that are responsible for causing gastric and vaginal infections. 

Secondly, it improves the metabolic activity which reduces the production of toxins in the intestines, improves better protein and sugar digestion, reduces foods and lactose intolerance and increases folic acid production. 

Thirdly, the increase of mucosa production by intestinal cells protects the intestinal walls, reduces places where harmful microbes can adhere.

Lastly, probiotics help to improve one's immune system by strengthening one's capacity to handle infectious and inflammatory agents. 

The reason why we need to supply a probiotic that is from multiple strains is that the 8 different strains have essentially different " jobs ". This means ours work together synergistically with therapeutic benefits. The small intestine and large intestine have completely different PH's ( the small is mostly alkaline and the large is highly acidic ) ensuring that the wide range of probiotic strains will interact much more effectively according to each strains enzyme system. 

Dosage 3-8 capsules per day, split into 2-3 times a day before or during meals.

In discussion with our Naturopath, he recommended that if one had chronic issues, then approximately 3 capsules 2 times a day and 2 capsules at the end of the day for the third dose. If one has good health and simply wanted to optimize or have a maintenance, then 1 - 2 capsules per day would be perfect. 

Looking for the ingredients ??
I have the ALL the labels in the photo thumbnails as we are a FULL disclosure company. I want you to be able to " click on the label to select it, then click one more time to enlarge it " to read over ALL the ingredients, make sure that there are NO contraindications AND print them off in case you are doing some research or just want to take them to your Dr or ND to discuss. I wanted you to be safe, secure and fully informed so you can make the best most informed decision about your health. 

As always, we suggest you please consult your health professional.

You are precious to me, please take the time to be sure that these are right for you and if you need to discuss it with me please do not hesitate to book a call or email me your questions. What I don't know, I will go back to our ND and check in to be sure to get his recommendation. 

And there you have it ... Be a Probiotic Billionaire !! Feel like a million bucks and more !! Sending you much love and many blessings for an abundant happy healthy 

Billionaire Love


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