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Cydney Mar Wellness Manufacturing

The Manufacturer. Canadian Made. Canadian owned.

The manufacturer of Cydney Mar Wellness is a trusted and long- established company with over 30 years of experience in improving health and well-being through natural and non-toxic remedies. Located in Montreal, Canada, it is dedicated to offering the most diverse assortment of scientifically based detox cleanses, homeopathic and herbal compound formulas on the market. Their holistic and time-tested approach to relieving and preventing numerous afflictions and chronic illnesses with homeopathic, photo-therapeutic and myco-therapeutic remedies has placed it at the forefront of alternative medicine.

While their products and offerings have evolved over time, their mission has remained the same: To provide you and your family with a wide range of high quality, Canadian made products formulated to treat a multitude of ailments at affordable prices.

The line of products provide effective relief of various ailments and are tailored specifically to meet the needs of men, women and children. They are designed to help you choose the right remedies for your condition.

Their mantra? Simply put " It is the natural way to healthy living."