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Cydney Mar Wellness

Strong Bones, Solid Structure

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A solid structure, a great foundation ~ That is what our bones are all about and the idea that if the structure is solid, the body will align itself and be better able to maintain optimal health.

Our supplement is extraordinary as it metabolizes, assimilates and deposits calcium to promote bone restoration. The calcium and nutrients necessary for depositing calcium are assimilated to effectively restore minerals in bone mass deficient in calcium. This product is helpful for fractures and those who need to ensure that their bones are strong and that they have enough calcium to calm their nerves.

When I was thirteen and a competitive athlete in figure skating, my mother dragged me off to the Dr. and requested that I be given some kind of drugs to calm me down. I guess I was a handful and my mother was working full time and I must have been making her nuts. My good Dr. was a Sports Medicine Doctor and kindly suggested that we start learning about supplements, and that a Calcium Magnesium 2-1 would be a great start. He told us, not only would it be good for my bones but that the body when it has " enough " calcium actually stores the extra calcium on the ends of the nerves. That means that someone who is a nervous, jumpy and or skitterish person might simply be suffering from a calcium deficiency.

What's fun about this supplement is that is SO much more than a basic calcium magnesium 2-1 product. It actually regenerates the bones as it aids the cycle of bone growth and bone breakdown. That may sound odd, but a super healthy bone needs to breakdown to allow for bone remodelling. There are 4 types of bone cells and two of them are Osteoclasts ( they breakdown the bones ) and the Osteoblasts ( which build up fresh new flexible bones ). That keeps the bones strong , flexible and healthy.

When I turned 50 I had my bone density tests done ( seems to be the rule here in Canada ! ) and when my test results came in, they called me in to give me the reports. And they looked at me like " why are you here ? " and I said, um, you guys called me in for my bone density results. Oh! Oh, you have the bones of  a twenty year old, you can get out of here ! that means that my bones were about 30 years younger than my actual age. 

Last year I fell on the Church steps as it had rained when I went in to say my prayers, and I had Sara my sick dog in my arms, and the other two dogs on leash. As we were leaving, it had rained and I fell badly on the steps and almost broke my arm. We managed to get home ok and once home, I called my good friend June, as she was knowledgable about injuries like that and she asked me to put pressure on my fingers on the table to see if I could do it. I did it, and while the bump on my forearm hurt, and was tender, there was no pain when I applied pressure. My friends then called me to join them at the Bar as it was the World Cup Soccer game, so I washed up, grabbed a bag of frozen peas and  jumped in a cab. They greeted me and said, ok show us what you got ~ and when I did, they were " Whoa !! and they promptly put me back in the cab and sent me up to the hospital. I watched some of the game in the waiting room and when the Emergency Dr. saw me he said, not broken, but it will get REALLY ugly in the bruising etc. So I am happy to say that as I have continued to take good quality Bone Supplements, I was able to fall and not break my bones. It is not generic, my aunt had osteoporosis and my closest cousin in that gene pool as well has bad bones.

My good friend is 2 years younger than me and she had her bones tested at 50. The results came back saying she had the bones of a 50 year old woman. That is 30 years difference in our bone health. We ate almost the same, drank the same, exercised the same and yet very different in our approach to supplements. I feel that life is not the same as it a many years ago that we live in extraordinary times and that we may not be able to get enough nutrition from eating properly. And so I chose to be as consistent as possible and as knowledgeable as possible with supplements. She did not, she took them sometimes and sometimes she did not, she did not test if she should or not, she just decided that this week, no, next week yes... Last Summer she went rollerblading on a beautiful Summer day and she fell ( she was wearing protective gear ) she broke her wrist to smithereens ... she had to have  surgery, titanium plates put in etc. Just awful. I know that we are all different and that each body will react differently for better or worse, but I cannot but feel that if she had helped support her bone health, that she may have avoided such an accident. 

I asked our super smart Naturopath, what will people say about the fact I started taking supplements early? Can our supplements help quickly ? Can they make  a difference to people who are just starting now? He advised that yes, the supplements are adaptogenic, that they can rebuild bone health and can regenerate bone mass even if the person only starts today. I asked him how quickly can they see results? And he said if someone had a bone density test today, they can retest in 6 months and after that at one year and they will see a difference. 

This makes me super happy to know that wherever you are on your journey to optimal health that these supplements can make a difference. Here is to Strong Bones and a calm, happy approach to life. Otherwise, your mother could be dragging you off to the Doctors!! 

Looking for the ingredients ??
I have the ALL the labels in the photo thumbnails as we are a FULL disclosure company. I want you to be able to " click on the label to select it, then click one more time to enlarge it " to read over ALL the ingredients, make sure that there are NO contraindications AND print them off in case you are doing some research or just want to take them to your Dr or ND to discuss. I wanted you to be safe, secure and fully informed so you can make the best most informed decision for your health. 

As always, we suggest you please consult your health professional.

You are precious to me, please take the time to be sure that these are right for you and if you need to discuss it with me please do not hesitate to book a call or email me your questions. What I don't know, I will go back to our ND and check in to be sure to get his recommendation. 

Please note that this formulation does have Marine DNA in it, so please do not take it if you have any fish allergies. 

Many blessings