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Common Causes of Hair Loss & Easy Tips on how to keep your Hair happy !!

Author: Cydney Mar

Hi Everyone,

Today I did a short Facebook LIVE video talking about some of the common causes of hair loss and some easy tips & tricks on keeping your hair happy and healthy. 

There are many cases where I see people who have some allergies, and I'm not sure how many people know that allergies cause an inflammatory effect in the body. Inflammation is the enemy of thick luscious hair. It can cause the hair follicle to go dormant. It simply goes to sleep. The body says, hey everyone we have important vital organs to keep healthy, hair is an accessory, so it's disposable. It's like an unstoppable conveyor belt, once the hair follicle goes to sleep, it sleeps happily ( maybe  a bit flat ) on your head, and then, 90 days later, almost to the day, it will fall out. 

I learned this tragic fact when I was in the hospital being checked over by the Rheumatologist ( they thought I had an immune system issue ) Dr. Stein said, hmm, this was about 3 months ago, have you been losing more hair than usual ? I said, funny you should say that I don't usually, but in the past week, everyone has been picking hairs off my shoulders. He said, well, it's almost 90 days, so please expect that you will lose a bunch of hair in the next week or so. I was SO scared !! And then one week later, I was in the tub, washing my hair and handfuls were coming out, I was sitting there in the tub crying and holding clumps of hair. Luckily it came out evenly all over, but it was SO thin ( I lost 65-70% of my hair )

That's when I went to see the Hair Dr. and he wanted me to use Rograin ( I had such a delicate system , after being so sick, I really did not want to take harsh chemicals that could be hard on my system ) and that is when I was helped by my Naturopath who created the formula for my Fabulous Hair Skin & Nails. The Hair Dr did suggest a shampoo, which I often recommend to my clients, called Nizoral, as it is a shampoo that alleviates the inflammation topically and also helps create a super healthy environment for growing your hair back. I am working on my own shampoo ( more natural ) but since it's not ready yet, Nizoral will have to do. I am thinking that mine will have natural honey and almond in it ( just thinking about it makes me happy ! ) 

What are my easy tips and tricks ?

I'd like to see people make healthy choices and have less of what they are allergic too ( I know there are those of you who still eat Gluten that are Gluten intolerant, but its bad for your hair too !! ) Just try to lessen those things in your diet.

Try to drink 2 - 3 litres of water per day , preferably with lemons to alkalize your body  ( super healthy choice ) An acidic body is prone to illness, you want to be neutral or alkaline. You can have fun and get the PH tester strips and see what the values are, I did that around my kitchen and it was fun and educational !! I was surprised that milk was so acidic. Hmm, who knew ?? Actually, in my coffee , I add a pinch of Baking Soda to help neutralize the acid. An acid system is like opening the front door to germs with a big welcome mat, saying, come on in ... !!

Try to reduce your sugar intake , as sugar is what bacterias like to feed on, so too many cookies is like feeding the bacteria gremlins so they are nice and chubby, fat and well fed. They will be quite happy and you may be feeling quite ill since you are creating a great breeding ground for germs. 

Stress is also your hairs enemy, so we need to look at some de-stressing tools for you. Breathe, 3 deep slow breaths, in through your nose and out through your mouth, exhaling until you can't anymore. Its more important to put effort into the exhale, as the inhale is automatic, once your collapse your lungs, the in breathe will be automatic. If something during the day is stressing you stop and do this breathing exercise. You could be in a line -up, a store, at your desk. Breathe, get into your body, let your shoulders relax. 

Take a moment to think about what you are grateful for ~ I hold space for myself each day before I go out the door or get to work, to count my blessings, and really think about all that I have to be grateful for ~ It resets my True North, keeps me in alignment and grounded. 

Exercise, walk go get some fresh air ~ Jack ( My mini schnauzer ) always go for walks each day and get fresh air. He & I also Trashersize... we pick up trash ( I have an extra trash bag , and I use his poop bags to keep my hand clean ) It's a funny thing we do, but it makes me happy to do my part, I feel that it is my commitment to Mother Earth who creates all the wonderful ingredients for my vitamins and supplements so we take care of Her. I hope to inspire people to be  a little more aware and careful with their trash and I endeavor to do it with a happy heart, and not be upset about it.

Detoxing , if you have had too many medications or you have simply put in too many things into your body that need to be cleared out. Of course, I have my Love Your Liver vitamins, but if you start with increasing your water intake, then do a Detox bath, that would be great. Epsom salts are a great addition in your bath, and they offer a wonderful way to detox your system. The skin absorbs the magnesium every well, and this will also relax your muscles and detox you at the same time. I like to add baking soda to alkalinize as well add some lavender drops. 

If you want some cheat sheets, I have them in my Self Care Self Love page, the Detox Bath Recipe, and the Lemon Water, so you can download them and have a handy reference.

And that's it for the moment, I hope to hear from you that you have been able to incorporate some of these easy tips and tricks. 

May you always be fabulous, healthy and happy 

Many blessings,


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